“I had the opportunity to work with Wendy & Steve over the course of six years, first as a teacher and then as a mentor and coach. I can’t overstate their impact on my efficacy as a facilitator of adult learning. They emphasize the rigorous intellectual aspects of teaching, and they never lose sight of the importance of an individual teacher’s ownership of her intellectual engagement and teaching practice. They aren’t about spoon-feeding suggestions and strategies; rather they helped me to build habits of mind that supported my own continued development even when they were not present. This means that the work with them is hard and it takes time, but that it really sticks.”

Sarah Z. Buhayar – Program Officer at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“I have worked with Life long learning now for the past five years. I have learned so much about my teaching and how to improve it through working with them. The way they approach every teacher is different. They look at the needs, strengths, weakness, and overall goals of each teacher they work with in order to provide them with the most individualized professional development that I have ever received. Everything that I have learned through them has been directed towards my needs as an individual teacher as well as in my content area. They have taught me how to reflect on my lesson based on data that I receive through assessments that I can create. They took me step by step through the process of creating reliable assessments so that I can really examine what I am teaching and if students have retained that information from my teaching. Knowing how the whole process works has added a whole new dimension to my teaching. I can continuously monitor my student’s progress in mastering the information from one day to the next. This has allowed me increase my state test scores dramatically. The in-servicing that I have received from Life Long Learners has no lag time. Most in-servicing that I have received through out my 14 year career has taken months if not years to implement into my classroom. However, every time I have had a chance to work with Life Long Learning, I have been able to convert that knowledge into new strategies or assessments to implement in my class the very next day.”

John Arient – Teacher – San Bernardino Unified School District


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