Teacher Leadership

“Teacher Leadership thru Collegial Reflection”

Capacity Building Institute


  • To build the capacity of teachers to serve as collegial coaches within their school community
  • To improve individual practice through the process of reflection and continuous improvement
  • To increase collaboration and collegiality at a school site by providing opportunities for teachers to interact and problem solve classroom concerns



  • Developing a conceptual model of collegial coaching
  • The role of the collegial coach in supporting reflection and professional growth at the school site
  • The basics of the reflective process
  • Developing and maintaining trust among professionals
  • Questioning strategies to stimulate reflecting thinking and analysis
  • Non-verbal communication in the reflection process
  • The process of cognitive coaching vs. clinical supervision as a vehicle for improving teaching
  • Taxonomies to assess growth in reflectivity


Four Day Workshop – Five hours per day – 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Day One

Overview of the reflective process and the art of observation

The pre-observation conference, strategies for asking questions and collecting data

Day Two

Observing and collecting data

Simulations – Video presentations

Developing a shared vision for effective practice to guide coaching

Day Three

The post conference.

Developing reflective questions to stimulate thinking

How to pose suggestions for improvement

Learning toread your colleagues

Simulation activities and practice sessions

Day Four

Putting it all together

Simulation activities and refinement of questioning skills and the coaching process

Planning for classroom visitations and practice back at the site